Enjoy our block buster discounts with our Annual Open House Sale.  This is one of Canada's largest Medical Cosmetic sales.  If you cannot attend our Open House on October 25th from 11am to 8pm, please feel free to buy what you need on our online store.  Your services will be forwarded to your account (we will make one if you don't have one).  Then just book an appointment for whenever you are ready.  
The initial consultation is a very important part of understanding how MD Aesthetics can help address your concerns.  This is your opportunity to gather all the necessary information regarding our services.  We need to make sure you understand the procedure and risks and that all your questions have been answered. You should never feel pressured into making any decision. If you are satisfied with your initial consultation and understand your own expectations, chances are very good that you’ll be happy with the outcome. Results and safety should be your top priorities. Don’t confuse price with value. You want the best job for each dollar spent, not a mediocre job for the cheapest price. Remember, your decision should be based on multiple factors including, but not solely based on, cost.

Overseen by  Dr. Copeland, our Medical Aestheticians and highly trained and experienced in the field of Medical Aesthetics and Medical aesthetic technology. All our Medical Aestheticians have been with Dr. Copeland for a very long time and they must have a minimum of 10 years experience and be a certified aesthetician.