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Men’s interest in cosmetic procedures continues to grow significantly. One thing is clear, men should never be treated with the same cosmetic techniques as women. For one, men prefer being “tweaked” rather than “tucked”. They are looking for subtle changes. A man’s skin is thicker and facial structure are different to women. Men use fillers to enhance a squarer jaw line, while women use botox to reduce a square look. A man’s cheek shape has different features as well. A man’s muscle size and strength tend to be more pronounced and require a different strategy when it comes to neuromodulators like Botox. If you are a man, we cannot stress enough, see a physician who has the experience with the male facial anatomy and male injection techniques.

In our clinic, men typically seek non-surgical procedures like Botox and Filler for wrinkles and facial volume loss; Belkyra for double chin; Ultherapy for face lifting; Clear & Brilliant for overall skin health; Photofacials for colour and Rosacea; and good medical grade skin care products that are easy to use.
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