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Camouflage Makeup

Camouflage Makeup
Camouflage Makeup
Product image 1Camouflage Makeup
Product image 2Camouflage Makeup

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MD Aesthetics carries both Lycogel Camouflage Foundation and Lycogel Concealer.  Both these products are completely breathable on the skin.
While most foundations and concealers clog pores and cause irritation, Lycogel's innovative hypo-allergenic formula provides relief to those with acne, rosacea, ezcema and sensitive skin, along with normal healthy skin, leaving a very natural finish. The breathable, triple-silica gel base is also a skin care powerhouse - packed with peptides and antioxidants, it provides noticeable anti-againg and anti-inflammatory benefits and is water and transfer-resistant.  Most importantly, it feels like you are wearing nothing.  It also has a 30 SPF.  This is an ideal foundation for everyday use for problem skin or you simply want your foundation to go the extra mile by providing anti-aging benefits.
The Locogel Concealer which can be applied underneath the Lycogel Camouflage Foundation provides triple pigmentatoin to easily conceal skin imperfections that require more coverage. The Concealer comes in two colours: The Yellow Concealer is suitable for light to medium skin tones with dark circles, pigmentatoin and bruising. The Green Concealer is suitable for all skin tones to reduce severe redness, pigmentation and bruising.
Both products can be applied immediately following a procedure, including laser treatments, skin peels, cosmetic injections and surgeries. 
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