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Please make sound choices when deciding where to go for cosmetic injections.

Today there is a news article in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and CBD that tells of a 23-year-old women who has died allegedly from cosmetic injections done by a nurse in her Vaughan home.  Sadly, we are reminded that the cosmetic industry still has a way to go to be properly regulated. 

Again, we advise our clients and the public that cosmetic injections are a medical procedure and should only be conducted in a medical practice, injected by or supervised by a doctor.  Also, make sure that the doctor who is supervising the nurse, is in fact an expert injector themselves.  We are finding that some nurses are being supervised by physicians who are not there or who is not a cosmetic medical  practitioner themselves.  

Most companies that supply injectable products, like Botox or Juvederm, have a list of physicians that are reputable, recommended and trained.   These lists are usually available on their web sites.

We cannot stress these issues enough.

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