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May 31, 2023

Why Men are Opting for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

When we hear the words cosmetic procedures, we often think of women undergoing plastic surgery such as breast implant...

May 17, 2023

Skin cancer effects more than 80,000 Canadians a year. What prevention strategies work best.

Skin cancer is a serious issue, and it affects many people in Canada. In fact, skin cancer is the most common type of...

May 8, 2023

Not all lasers are created equal. Why Sciton Technology is a great choice for photofacials

Photofacials are a great way to get rid of age spots, sun damage, and other skin discolorations. There are many types...

May 8, 2023

Keep Rosacea Under Control This Summer with These Tips

Summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors, warm weather, and sunshine. But for those who suffer from Rosacea, t...

May 4, 2023

Why are Medical Grade Skin Care products a must have?

Medical grade skin care is the best choice for anyone looking to improve the quality of their skin. The products are ...

Apr 14, 2023

Don't trust your face to just anyone

It is worth seeing an experienced licensed medical professional when it comes to cosmetic injections.

Jan 27, 2023

EVERYTHING you need to know about Dermal Fillers.

Dermal fillers can be highly effective for those looking to achieve smooth, youthful skin. When injected properly, th...

Jan 16, 2023

How to Layer Skin Care Products

Advice from Vivier Pharma Whether you’re putting together a stylish outfit or making a delicious trifle, a...

Jan 5, 2023

Why Mineral Based Sunscreen?

There are many reasons to use mineral sunscreen. For starters, it’s better for your skin and the environment. Minera...

Jul 7, 2022

Beauty tips for Weddings!

Planning a wedding can be stressful.  Brides, grooms, brides maids, groomsmen & parents work hard to make this da...

Jun 9, 2022

The Importance Of Topical Vitamin C

Vitamin C is legendary in the skin care world. In fact, some say it is the holy grail for all things skin-related, an...

Jan 5, 2022

Foods and Acne

Great Article from Skin Inc Magazine. Numerous topical treatments exist to help fight acne, but one treatment th...
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