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    While the needle used to inject Neuromodulators is very fine, and bruising is very rare, you can reduce your use of ASA or blood thinner products 5 days prior to treatment. If you are unwell at the time of treatment, we recommend rescheduling your appointment by calling us at 905 666 5117.



    1. Do NOT rub or massage the treated areas for 24 hours after your treatment. Do NOT do strenuous exercise for 4 hours after treatment. Also avoid facials or saunas for 4 hours after your treatment. This will minimize the risk of raising your blood pressure and therefore minimize the risk of temporary bruising. Feel free to shower and go about most other regular daily activities.
    2. Do NOT lie down for 4 hours after treatment. This is to avoid the risk of pressure on the treated areas (from your pillow) and to avoid the risk of having the area rubbed accidentally.
    3. Be assured that any tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours after your treatment. If you need to apply make-up within 4 hours after your treatment, only use a GENTLE touch to avoid rubbing the treated area.
    4. Results of your treatment can take up to 14 days to take full effect. Please wait until the 14 days has passed before assessing your treatment results.
    5. If this is your first treatment, our clinic requests you book a 2 week follow up assessment. This will ensure Dr. Copeland is able to see how YOUR facial muscles reacted to your treatment. If you require more product to fine tune / adjust your treatment results, it will be applied during this appointment at an additional cost. Alternatively, additional product may not be required.
    6. Because neuromodultors require a special technique to customize the injections to your individual muscular structure, it is important that your muscle activity recovers BUT that your skin is not creasing to the point from where you started.
    7. Neuromodulators are a temporary procedure and at first, you may find that your treatment results will last approximate 3 or 4 months. If you maintain your treatment appointments with the frequency recommended by Dr. Copeland, the duration of each treatment result may last longer than 4 months.
    8. Initially, Dr. Copeland sees his patients between the 3 month (12 weeks) and 4 month (16 weeks) period. He can create the best clinical results for you during this period. If you allow neuromodulators to completely wear off, it is difficult for him to be able to see how your individual muscles reacted and therefore optimal results for your face are harder to achieve. 

    Very occasionally, slight swelling, and/or bruising may last for several days after the injections. Rarely, an adjacent muscle may be weakened for several weeks after the treatment. There is a less than 1% chance of upper eyelid weakness, which means the top eyelid could droop 1-2mm, for a month or more.

    The droop always resolves. Short term headache may occur. Those who have certain neurological disorders, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or allergic to albumin should not have neuromodulators injected.

    We strive to fully satisfy our patients. The best way to manage your neuromodulator appointments is by booking your next treatment before you leave MD Aesthetics. As well, we offer the special service of contacting you as a reminder prior to your booked appointment. If that date / time is not suitable, we will be more than happy to adjust it to fit your schedule.

    Should you have any concerns after your treatment or have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for professional advice. 905 666 5117

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