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Referral Letter

If you are interested in cosmetic treatments like Botox, Filler, Laser treatments, Ultherapy, Peels, etc,  I recommend MD Aesthetics in Whitby.  They are a Cosmetic Centre I trust and believe you would have a very positive experience.  Dr. Copeland is the only injector if you are interested in cosmetic injections. He also oversees his highly trained and mature staff that will put you and your safety first. Unlike a lot of spas, they are not a pushy sales group and would only recommend what you need or want. They treat everything from facial volume loss, wrinkles, skin tightening and texture, sun damage, permanent hair removal, body contouring and daily skin care.

If you want more information about MD Aesthetics, I would recommend you book a general consultation, by calling them at 905 666 5117 or book directly online.

If you do for a consult, make sure to let them know I referred you as they have a referral program.


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