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Clear & Brilliant

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Safe For All Skin Tones  

Clients are increasingly looking for skin rejuvenation treatments that are effective and affordable with almost to no down time.  The Clear and Brilliant ® laser does just that. This gentle lower powered fractional laser produces microscopic controlled injury to the skin surface. This in turn triggers the formation of new collagen and elastin along with remodeling and pigment improvement.  It treats

  • Pigmentation issues
  • Early Signs of Aging and Sun damage
  • Pore Size
  • Textural problems and Dull Skin

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The effectiveness of Clear And Brilliant ® has been proven in over 20 published clinical studies and it has been rated as the “most worth” non-invasive facial laser.

What is unique about Clear + Brilliant?   

When traditional facials and home care fail to yield your skin to change, Clear and Brilliant comes to the rescue. While other lasers could scar or damage , Clear and Brilliant is safe and effective at helping lift pigmentation, dull skin and reduce pore size.

How does Clear + Brilliant Compare to Laser treatments?  

Clear + Brilliant is a laser fractionated treatment just like Fraxel or Pixel, but its milder, gentle and safer to treat with and provides no downtime. This treatment is ideal for those who do not need more powerful, intense skin correction that strong ablative lasers provide with much longer downtime. In addition, Clear + Brilliant works on pigment as well as collagen, so you can completely wipe your skin of imperfections with a series of treatments.

When should you get Clear + Brilliant?   

Clear and Brilliant is ideal to receive about one to two weeks prior to your special event, to allow dead skin cells to slough off and reveal fresh, healthy skin. 

How many treatments should I get ?  

Clear + Brilliant is recommended as a 3 part treatment series for the absolute best results. Depending on your goals, some may need 6 sessions till ideal results are achieved.

Is Clear + Brilliant Safe?  

Yes, this treatment is safe for all skin types with nearly no downtime or side effects.

Does Clear + Brilliant Hurt ?  

With numbing cream, which is provided at no extra charge at MD Aesthetics, no pain is felt during treatment.

How soon will I see results after Clear + Brilliant ? 

Typically results develop about one to two weeks post treatment. For best results 3 -6  treatments are required 2- 6 weeks apart.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Clear + Brilliant ?  

The ideal candidate for Clear + Brilliant are those who want to change and improve their skin with little to no risk or downtime. By comparison, strong lasers have greater effects but with higher risk and lengthy down times. Those who have tanned or dark skin are recommended to receive Clear + Brilliant whereas regular lasers cannot be used in these clients.

Who should not receive Clear + Brilliant ?  

Anyone with a special event coming within the week of their treatment date. Results take about 2 weeks to develop, so Clear + Brilliant is not suitable before your special event.

Are there any side effects from Clear + Brilliant ?  

The pigmented areas may get worse before they get better with mild inflammation and pinkness for 1-3 days is common.

When should I receive my next treatment ? 

Depending on your skin type and healing process, you can get a treatment every 2-6 weeks. Or as recommended by your healthcare professional

Is there any downtime ? 

Typically no. After treatment the area may feel like sandpaper, however not noticeable to others. Once this flakes off, new fresh skin is revealed. For large areas like the arms, the area may be pink to mildly red for up to 3 days.

What does Clear and Brilliant feel like?   

Most patients describe the feeling as a warm sensation. Post treatment you may feel like a sunburn has developed. This can be relieved using water mists and ice packs and typical resolves within 12 hours post treatment.  

Pre & Post Treatment Instructions

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