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Facial Treatments

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AT MD Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer a wide range of facial treatments that address many different issues, concerns and skin types. Always ask your Medical Aesthetician for advice on choosing the right treatment for you. Often different treatments are needed throughout the year as skin can change with stress, age, hormones, health issues and weather.


Dermaplaning is great for anyone interested in beautiful smooth skin, no peach fuzz or hair on the face, before a photo-shoot, brides and moms before a wedding, pregnant or nursing mothers looking for soft skin without the use of chemical peels.  Dermaplaning also allows for greater penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly.  It is recommended for all skin types except those with acneic skin.   The treatment takes 30 to 45 minutes.  It is a painless procedure with no downtime.


This safe and effective treatment decongests and exfoliates the  skin by using a diamond-tip wand to remove dry, damaged and dead skin cells. After a series of treatments, your complexion will improve in tone, texture and brightness. This treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and can be combined with other facials.

Gua Sha Facial.

Gua Sha is a 3,000-year-old Chinese healing technique that increases micro-circulation, which then promotes improved toxin and fascia release. Using a Gua Sha tool made of Jade, this special facial and massage helps to self-hydrate and deliver color, oxygen and nutrients to the skin all through micro-circulation of the neck and face.

Vitamin A and C Infusion Facial.  

The Environ Facial is the most popular facial at MDAesthetics. Vitamin A and C are essential for the maintenance of healthy, youthful skin, The revolutionary Ionzyme DF Machine assists and enhances skin penetration of vitamins  contained in Environ’s skin-care products. Vitamins A and C are transported into the skin using Iontophoresis (low electrical current) and low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves). The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, products infusion and mask application. Treatments are designed to stimulate maximum thickening of the skin, normalize and improve collagen and elastin, help control pigment production, restore normal skin blood-flow and oxygenate the skin. It takes approximately 1 hour and is typically sold in packages of 6.

Hydrating Facial.  

This highly nourishing and moisturizing lactic acid peel is added to the vitamin A & C Infusion treatment—well worth the extra $10 fee!

Detoxifying Facial.  

This is an excellent facial for clients with acne and congested skin. The deep purifying cleanse and steam treatment helps eliminate sebaceous comedone activity, frees skin of impurities, controls sebum and minimizes future breakouts. This treatment is done predominantly under steam with lactic and salicylic acid. Extractions are performed where necessary. Treatments are 30 to 45 minutes and are recommended monthly for acne and bi-monthly or quarterly for a clients with excessively oily skin.

Anti-Aging Facial. 

This facial delivers deep exfoliation and penetration of moisturizing anti-oxidants. Microdermabrasion is followed with a detoxifying clay mask and a gentle lactic acid peel. This two-step deep exfoliation procedure combines custom blended medical-strength anti-oxidants and anti-aging products for maximum exfoliation and hydration.

Home Needling. 

The first step toward skin health is to ensure adequate levels of photosensitive vitamin A and other antioxidants like vitamins C and E.  These important molecules will help in the production of collagen for a more youthful look.

Home Needling is excellent for  aging skin, scars, stretch marks and in preparation for Photo Facials and Collagen Therapy. A home care roller is provided along with topical Vitamin A and C . The tiny micro needles puncture the outer layer of the epidermis which is the main barrier to penetration of active ingredients. As a result the active ingredients easily penetrate the skin where they can be useful for skin rejuvenation.

As an additional benefit, micro needling itself results in neocollagenesis as the body responds to micro trauma.


Disclaimer: Similar and/or permanent results are not guaranteed based on the treatment/procedure and may vary from patient to patient, based on multiple factors, including genetics and lifestyle of each patient.  Read Full Disclaimer
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