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Wedding Preparations

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Planning a wedding can be stressful.  Brides, grooms, brides maids, groomsmen & parents work hard to make this day special.   Even if you have a good wedding planner, more minute particulars might be missed like getting your skin into good condition, softening your wrinkles, dealing with volume loss, plumping your lips, growing your lashes and yes, even taking care of sweating!  To help you cosmetically, here are some ideas how MD Aesthetics can help:

6 Months Prior:  

Schedule a general consultation with us.     At your general consultation, you will be given recommendations, a plan of action and estimate.  If you have major skin concerns like acne and uneven pigmentation, it’s best to get the situation under control well in advance. This is the time to start on a really good daily regime for your skin.   In addition, brown spots, fine lines, pores, and redness can be attended to with lasers. Because it may require multiple sessions and several months to see their cumulative benefits, “you need to start as early as possible,”  This is also the right time to schedule a series of  light peels or microdermabrasion on both the face and body—especially if your dress exposes the décolleté, shoulders, back, or legs.  For volume loss, sagging and deeper wrinkles, Botox and filler like Juvederm are ideal and require planning for optimum results.

4 Months Prior

Have your first Botox Treatment.  If you have never tried Botox, we recommend trying it 4 months prior to your wedding.  If you don't like it, although rare,  then don't do it again. If you do like the affects, then do it again 1 months before your wedding date.  If you have already tried Botox and like the results, there is no need for a trial.  Just make sure you have your treatment 4 weeks before the wedding date. 

Assess your hands.  For a bride who wants to show off her wedding ring, the shape your hands may be important to you.   We can remove any pigmentation with an intense pulsed light laser.  Fillers used to restore volume loss in the face or enhance lips are also used to restore volume in hands.  Adding filler into your hands can reduce the appearance of veins and tendons allowing a smoother more youthful look

Make Time for a Complexion Check-In .  Book an appointment for a follow up.  At this point, there is still time to tweak your regime or in-office treatments so you get the best results by the wedding day.  This is also a good time to discuss any upcoming appointments for Botox and Filler. 

Start using Latisse to volumize and lengthen your lashes.  It takes a full 10 to 12 weeks to see the full effect of Latisse. It can double the thickness and give you 40% additional length.  Beautiful lashes can really enhance your photos.

2 Months Prior

Come in for your filler appointment.  If you are thinking of adding a little filler to your lips, having your tear troughs filled or lifting your cheeks,  6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding is recommended. 

1 Month Prior

Come in for your Botox Treatment.  4 weeks prior to your wedding is good timing.  Your wrinkles will be softened or gone for all the pre-wedding parties like showers and family reunions.  

Practice Good Skin Maintenance To boost your glow, come in for a gentle exfoliation, like a light chemical peel or a gentle laser treatment.  Compound the effects by drinking loads of water, getting adequate sleep, exercising, and maintaining a well-balanced diet. 

3 Weeks Prior

Brighten Your Smile with Liquid Smile.  This is something you can do at home.  It takes 2 weeks for the full affect.  

Prevent Excessive Sweating:  Who wants to be sweating at a wedding? Using Therapeutic Botox, we can treat your sweat glands and prevent excessive sweating.  Both men and women find this treatment to be very helpful for the big day. 

1 Week Prior

Come in for a dermaplaning treatment.   This is a gentle exfoliation using a blade which also removes any facial hair.  Your skin will feel extremely smooth allowing your makeup to go on perfectly. 

Enjoy this special day and don't forget to send us your wedding photos!  


Disclaimer: Similar and/or permanent results are not guaranteed based on the treatment/procedure and may vary from patient to patient, based on multiple factors, including genetics and lifestyle of each patient.  Read Full Disclaimer

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