Double Chin

Double Chin

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The  double chin, for a variety of reasons, whether due to genetics, increased weight, or other causes, fat under the chin can be hard to get rid of and frustrating for many. For years, liposuction or surgery were the only options to eliminate the double chin. However, patients wishing to melt chin fat without surgery can now do so with with deoxycholate injections.

How does Deoxycholate work?

The active ingredient Deoxycholate, is used in mesotherapy for the reduction of localized areas of fat for over a decade, both in Europe and North America.  Deoxycholate is one of the body’s naturally occurring bile salts which, when injected into the area of fat under the chin or other areas of the body, causes breakdown of fat cells and eventual fat loss in the targeted area.

How quickly can I see results with Deoxycholate Injections?

This procedure is a non-invasive series of injections which is performed in a short office visit and has a relatively easy recovery. Visible results are usually seen in two to six treatments spaced about a month apart.  

Are there any side effects? 

Deoxycholate injections are considered safe.  However, the most commonly-reported adverse reactions are swelling at the injection site, bruising, pain, numbness, reddening of the skin, and areas of firmness . A local anaesthetic is used before each treatment. 


Pre & Post Treatment Instructions

Pre & Post Treatment Instructions for Belkyra



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