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A gracefully aging face is something we all strive for, and our personal cosmetic plans are designed to help manage your journey with a natural looking outcome. With aging, foreheads expand, hairlines retreat, ears get longer and noses droop. There are also structural changes that occur in three main layers of the face:

First, skeletal aging leads primarily to a loss of bony support. As your facial bones shrink, it decreases support of the next layer, which is your fatty tissue (Fat pads).

Loss of Bone and Fat Pads over time


Age-related changes in fat tissue result in loss of volume and sagging. Loss of bone and fat combined, can create hollowed temples, deepened tear troughs and depleted sagging cheeks. It can also create a heavier lower face resulting in undefined jawlines, and a double chin. The last layer, the skin, experiences a loss of collagen and elastin. With years of facial expression, sun damage and natural degeneration, you get wrinkles. There are many events occurring at the same time. We highly recommend you book a consultation to evaluate your whole face because one solution might also impact another area, and so on.



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